Dear fellow Customers, gamers and supporters,
I have a new assignment with a local game development company. Therefore I cannot continue to work on new updates for the forbidden planet or other projects. All previous buyers can download the update to version 1.2 from now on. The further game support will be done by a colleague of mine.

I want to thank all of you, for the support, suggestions and all the little arguments we had and solved in the end.

The Forbidden Planet

The Forbidden Planet is a role-playing and first-person survival game. The main part of this game is to survive under hard conditions on a foreign und unexplored planet. The player has to obtain food and water to stay alive. He also must gather resources to build a shelter because the temperature on this planet falls at night below zero. Some of the creatures on the planet can be used to obtain resources, but many of them are hostile and the player must defend himself to survive. You can freely explore a bizarre and mysterious environment, and use all of its advantages to stay alive.

Final Version 1.2 is now available

Gameplay trailer

This is a independent game development project, it is programmed in Java with the LWJGL(Lightweight Java Game Library).Textures and images created with gimp(GNU), 3D Models created with Blender(OS), Development and realisation by :