Inventing Overview

Once you have created a worktable and placed it in into the 3D World you can start inventing new things;

You can access it by stepping in front of it and hit the "use"-key. This will open the workbench screen:

Section(1) is the worktable. The lower section is your backpack, you can interact with items via drag & drop. The buttons (2) are used to show a preview of all available recipes, so you donít have to memorize them all. Section(3) are the slots where you can place items to invent something. On the picture above you see the recipe-preview of a hammer. The preview is darker than the object you can place into the slot, so that you can see which objects are already present and which are still missing. In Section(4) you will get the result item of your inventing. Just left click it to get the new item.

Inventing a new worktable

If you place the right items in the right fields you will create a new item. Section(1) The right ingredients are placed here to create a new worktable. In Section(2) you can grab the item and put it in your backpack.