Items - a small overview

I want to show you a small overview about the items you can gather, create or collect.

The following items are from the survival bag of your escape pod.

Pure Water (bottled) Multi-tool Iron rations
This is a bottle with 1.5L pure water, this is enough for 2 days. You must find your own water supply or you will die soon This is a Axe with a hammer-head on the other side. It can be used to gather resources, but if it is worn off you better have your own tools created before. These package contains chocolate, canned meat and other food. It will not last long so you have to find your own food.

The following items can be gathered, created or collected on the planet

Water bag Hammer (steel) Boulders
This waterbag can be gatherd in the quarry if you find a small underground water-source with drinkable water. Once you have smelted steel you can create this hammer - you can use it to smash rocks or to defend yourself These little boulders remain when you smash a rock, you can use them to create several items. Or throw them to defend yourself

As mentioned before this is only a very small overview.