Quarry/tree - Overview

If you step in front of a big tree or your quarry you can enter them by using the "use"-key.

This brings up the gather resources mini-game:

In this screen you see the terrain in your quarry and your avatar. If you walk over the Exit symbol you will get back into the 3D World. You can gather resources by using a tool and click on the adjacent fields around your avatar. Depending on the tool and your skill you can gather resources faster. You can only see 3 rows underneath the surface, if you want to see more you must place a light source. Section(1) is the main section, here you can gather resources. On the left and right you see green blocks with numbers. They indicate the current depth where you are. You can switch between depth levels by using the up/down buttons in Section(2). Your current health-, water- , food -status and the temperature is displayed in section(3). With the button in section(4) you can access your backpack and put items into your quick fields - these items can be used to interact with your surroundings. Section(5) shows your actual items in the quick fields. With the button in section(6) you can remove item that you have placed.

The following image shows the adjacent fields around your avatar. The symbols indicate where you can use an item or not. You cannot use/gather resources in the field underneath your avatar.

Lets take a closer look to the screen with some work done:

As you can see there are ladders, platforms and light sources, you can also see some resources in the earth. Gathering resources from a big tree will also be done in this in-game section.

Here is a overview of the resources you can gather:

Quarry Tree
  • Tree stump
  • Tree tiles
  • Wooden planks
  • Wooden sticks
  • Foilage pieces
  • Clay
  • Chemicals
  • Coal
  • Iron
  • Sand
  • Water